About Demon Hunters:
There will be people fighting demons and other monsters in a story titled "Demon Hunters." The catch is that my protagonists are the last people you'd choose to be heroes of a story; they're not particularly gifted, lucky, wealthy, poor, popular, well connected, attractive, possessing a good/desirable character, etc. or anything that suggests they're special. In fact, they're painfully average and unassuming people at best. The question is how do average folk become the heroes of the story and also learn how to fight these monsters? Read left to right to find out.

About the Author:
DHManga, or Demon Hunters Manga, or the Demon Hunter, has been drawing and conceptualizing story ideas from a young age, but solidified and focused on Demon Hunters around age 17 (after a massive paradigm shift in his life). Since then, the story has gone through many style changes, reworks, and hiatuses. Outside of the webcomic, DHManga works as a data analyst for a tech company, heabily participates in the church life + service, still is trying to cut weight + get stronger, practices martial arts, once taught a free class similar to the one in the story, and is transitioning from being an "adult" to a "responsible adult." Due to the heavy schedule and lack of breaks, he cut out other sources of entertainment such as TV, music, video games, and most movie time, so that exercise and webcomics are the only hobbies he has time for left. You may find and support him in his other platforms here:
Twitch (He is an ex streamer, but the account is still active)
Deviantart (Art contests announced here)