Comic 104 - Demon Hunters Chapter 6 Page 25-26

5th Nov 2020, 6:55 PM in Practice Makes Perfect
Demon Hunters Chapter 6 Page 25-26
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DHManga 5th Nov 2020, 6:55 PM edit delete
In page 25, Matthias submits Cyril with a (standard) kneebar; basically bend your opponent's leg in the configuration shown. Note: it may look like Cyril's left leg is bending further than it should, but this is actually an optical illusion once I add Matthias' legs; the pants are all dark colored and once you remove Matthias, Cyril's leg is actually straight. In page 26, Drew spars with Cyril in kickboxing; thought I'd show some targets from the striking aspect as well. "Target where your opponent is weak" is based on my SCARS experience (mainly striking). Drew's outfit is just a different set of colors, while Cyril's outfit in page 26 is from MuscularBun's contest entry.

As I drew these 2 pages, I realized I needed a lot more time than the previous pages since I needed to draw a lot of new positions, gear, and with all the remastering because of copyright. When I first drew page 26, I completely forgot Cyril and Drew should have sparring gear; making teens right without protection seems like a lawsuit waiting to happen. Originally I thought about splitting page 26 into 3 pages, but I'd have to cut out a lot of Drew's and Cyril's bodies, and I was also remastering 36 copyright filled pages in 5 languages across all my comic platforms (see links below). So I'll just leave the rest of that exchange for the next pages and release this ASAP; last upload was Oct 18, 2020. At least Cyril's and Drew's kickboxing exchange looks visually appealing and colorful.

Otherwise, learn Matthias' kneebar (altered setup + grip) here: