Comic 120 - Demon Hunters Chapter 7 Page 1-2

3rd Feb 2021, 3:00 PM in The Demon Hunters
Demon Hunters Chapter 7 Page 1-2
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Author Notes:

DHManga 3rd Feb 2021, 3:00 PM edit delete
As much as Cyril wanted to undergo her shenanigans in chapter 6 and they both live in the same household (like sisters), I haven't actually shown much Ammy interacting with Cyril, nor even a fullbody shot I could use as a reference. So I figured this would be a good setup to show her character... and the effects of Cyril's new extracurricular activities. Her sweater makes her look kinda chunky, but that's sweaters for you. She's slightly darker colored here compared to her raw model I used for the Ammy Awards; close to night time outside. I'll explain the timing in future pages in this chapter. Otherwise, the darker outside contrasts with the well lit inside.
- The sweater is from amaranthicalrose's contest entry.
- The bit of purple under the sweater is actually a school swimsuit; purple and black. In my deleted original version, I already mentioned Ammy swims for her high school, but I didn't get the chance to mention this during my current canon version. Ammy is currently coming back from practice and decided to wear pants + sweater over the swimsuit before walking home. Trivia: butteryshake accidentally drew a 1 piece suit in this submission that looks eerily accurate to the "Valley High School" swimsuit design.
- For some reason, I imagined Ammy in an outfit with a grey shirt and pants like the one Jade first appears in. I couldn't show the shirt in this shot, but at least I could get the pants.
- Ammy's shoes are the same color as AmaranthicalRose's contest entry from long ago.
- In the first background, I photographed a neighborhood (can't copyright strike me), and I conveniently used Ammy's thigh to cover the car license plate. No street names either.
- Not every background I photographed, believe it or not.
- The front porch has an American flag in the mailbox, just in case anyone was curious who Cyril lives with. She lives with an American family, even if they look Japanese and speak Japanese.
- I found a free bunkbed image from ClipGround and it has very similar colors to her bed in chapter 1 page 7.
- Through the images I used for Cyril's bed placement in chapter 1 and her desk + shelf next to the hallway door in ch 4, I constructed what Cyril's + Ammy's room should look like. The shelf is to the left of the door, Cyril's desk is behind the shelf on the left, Cyril + Ammy share the bunkbed in the right hand corner, there's a nightstand to our right (ch 1 page 7), Ammy's desk is along the wall across the door next to Cyril's, and the closet is on the wall to the right of the door. Perhaps I need to draw and upload a diagram one day.
- Then there's Cyril sleeping in the bed; you get to see her tired from her 1 hour MMA practice (Ammy is used to 2 hour swim practice), and feet somewhat showing. There you go, protagonist-chan's feet pics.