Concept + Character Art

Believe it or not, I actually have non comic artwork of my characters; some are original while others are screenshots from comic page (files). Included here are references and other concept artwork. Scroll below or return to Bonus Content.
Note: If you want to comment on these, you may have to go to the Blog page until I figure out how to add a comments section on this page. Otherwise, these image link to my Deviantart posts, so you can comment there if you have accounts.

   Mora First Fullbody by dhmanga186 Cyril Chapter 7 Makeover by dhmanga186    Aseron Ren (Inadverdent Collab) by dhmanga At Least My Pants Aren't Bloody    Experiment: Jade with Colored Pencils by dhmanga186  Awaken My World: Cyril Concept Jade + Jin Wushu Outfits by dhmanga Cyborg Tethys by dhmanga Jade, What're You Wearing? by dhmanga Formal Outfit Cyril by dhmanga

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