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This page is my attempt at making a character reference section of everyone in the Demon Hunters story (thus far). Hope you all find it helpful (especially with how many Asians ended up being in the story). I'll update this as more characters appear. You may also view more Demon Hunters character art here.
Cyril Loyola:
Age: 15 (Grade 10 in high school, US)
Height: 161 cm, 5'3.4"
Bio: There's nothing that really stands out about Cyril, except that she's the main character of this story. Her school grades are average, she's a lazy procrastinator, video game addict, sometimes she likes swimming, and she's rather spend time with her friends rather than attend school or do her homework, just like a large portion of people today. She's from an average middle American family, but actually, her family adopted her before their child, Ammy Miyata, was born. Cyril's 3 main friends are Jin and Jade Li, and Dom Jeong. Cyril met Jin and Jade in elementary school; she was captivated by their martial arts ability and she's been their friend (and fangirl) ever since. She connected with Dom because of video games, and thinks Dom should hook up with Jade. I promise you, Cyril being left handed is important information.
As of the current stage in the story (end of chapter 4), Cyril was leading a very common mundane life, until her class schedule changed and a certain crazy schoolmate started attacking everyone for whatever his reasons were. Since she's a video game addict who stays at home, her social skills didn't really develop, but some new classmates wanted to thank her for attempting to fight back against the crazy guy for them. Let's see if her new injury, environment, classmates, and situations steer her life in another direction. Her face is currently recovering from injuries sustained in chapter 3. Oh yeah, did I tell you that Cyril's decision making process goes along the lines of "Act first, think later, if ever"?
Cyril 1 by dhmanga186 Cyril 2 by dhmanga186 Cyril 4 by dhmanga186 Cyril 6 by dhmanga186 Cyril 7 by dhmanga186 Cyril 10 by dhmanga186
Ammy Miyata:
Age: 14 (Grade 9)
Height: 159 cm, 5'2.5"
Bio: Ammy Miyata treats Cyril as an older sister, not biologically but still an older sister; her family adopted Cyril before she was born. Unlike Cyril, Ammy is a good student; she studies hard/properly, swims for the school team, is friendly with people, is generally a good role model, and still loves Cyril, even if Cyril herself isn't a good role model. Unfortunately, she got whacked in the face for trying to confront a sociopath with morals; that usually doesn't work.
Ammy 1 by dhmanga186 Ammy 2 by dhmanga186
Jade Li:
Age: 16, Grade 11
Height: 165 cm, Just under 5'5"
Bio: Is Jade Li a good or bad role model? That's up to the reader to decide, but she led her younger brother, Jin, to start martial arts. They were watching movies one day and they wanted to be like those guys on TV. Jade and Jin got a "follower" by the name of Cyril Loyola, and she's been friends with Cyril ever since elementary school. Academically, Jade is a B/B+ average student in normal classes, but some guy named Dom Jeong was too lazy to do his own homework, he copied hers, even though Dom's grades are better and they're not in the same grade. As a result, many others copy Jade's and Jin's homework answers as well. Cyril ships Dom and Jade together. Since Jade and Jin come from Chinese parents, I'm sure they learned piano somewhere.
I can best describe Jade as a fun loving and friendly troll, who simply wants to joke and have fun with people. Her current desire for her life is unknown, but she's be fine with being in kung fu movies with her brother. If things go bad, she can be explosive.
Fighting Style: Wushu/Kung Fu
Jade 1 by dhmanga186 Jade 2 by dhmanga186 Experiment: Jade with Colored Pencils by dhmanga186 Jade 3 by dhmanga186 Jade 4 by dhmanga186
Jin Li:
Age: 15, Grade 10
Height: 166 cm, 5'5.4"
Bio: Even though Jade introduced him to martial arts (through TV and games), he wanted to make martial arts his career. Thus he was and still is working to be a kung fu superstar (whatever that practically means). He's been obsessed with improving outside of school (and playing games with his friends), and this coming summer in the story timeline, there'll be some key figures from the martial arts world watching. Perhaps he'll be Jackie Chan's next disciple? Hopefully street fights won't remove him from action. Thus, Jin developed a competitive personality, though he wants to win in martial arts performance rather than academics. Like Jade, he can be vengeful and explosive, but that's because he loves you. His video game like abilities and personality gained him a fan during their elementary school years by the name of Cyril Loyola; they've been friends since. Jin is also a B/B+ average student, but Dom copies him anyway. Fun fact: Jin could've been the main character, but I think his story is for actual kung fu movies.
Fighting Style: Wushu/Kung Fu
Jin 1 by dhmanga186 Jin 2 by dhmanga186 Jin 3 by dhmanga186
Dom Jeong:
Age: 15, Grade 10
Height: 164 cm, 5'4.5"
Bio: Like Cyril, Dom is a lazy procrastinator who copies Jin's and Jade's homework. Unlike Cyril, he's actually quite the overachiever; >4.0 GPA, AP classes, in classes for grade levels above him, in school band, 2nd degree black belt in Taekwondo, and yes, he speaks Korean (learning Spanish as his elective class). Essentially, he's your stereotype overachieving Asian-American kid. He met Cyril through video games and Jin + Jade through the homework trading black market at his school. He's an overachieving student who copies the homework of somewhat above average students and still gets above straight As. Dom likes to have fun, but he has a more cynical view of life, so you may call him "Doubting Dom." Anyone who went through high school probably knows a Dom. Cyril thinks he and Jade should hook up.
Fighting Style: Taekwondo
 Dom 1 by dhmanga186 Dom 2 by dhmanga186 Dom 3 by dhmanga186
Mora Anzarotia:
Age: 15, Grade 10
Height: 165 cm, 5'5"
Bio: Mora was simply invited into an orientation for an alternative learning program, and suddenly she has to help my main character with some massive facial bleeding. Cyril noticed Mora afterward, and fortunately Mora was friendly enough to make friends with Cyril. She just wants to get through her life and I current wrote her as a school cheerleader in my notes. She'd like to enter a profession for helping people in some way or form.
Mora 1 by dhmanga186 Mora 2 by dhmanga186 Mora 4 by dhmanga186
Brennon Olvanbach:
Age: 14 (Grade 9)
Height: 163 cm, 5'4"
Bio: Brennon just wanted to live a simple and relaxed life, until he took a knee to the jaw. He's friends with Kieru, he appreciated Cyril Loyola's efforts to stop a crazy person from mauling everyone, and we can say he made friends with her too, despite Cyril's social awkwardness. I recently wrote in my mental notes that he could be a tennis player. I bet you he likes video games too.
Brennon 1 by dhmanga186 Brennon 2 by dhmanga186
Kieru Qaennadi:
Age: 14 (Grade 9)
Height: 159 cm, 5'2.4"
Bio: Kieru Qaennadi is canonically the shortest character in my group, but not by much. She is also socially awkward, not because of shyness, but she probably has no social filter (too many stories to tell, imagine Ellis from Left 4 Dead 2). Because of a certain crazy person, she needed new glasses as one can see in the references below (I like the new design better). In Fall term (before Spring term currently), she ran cross country for the school and is now on track. She probably runs places and sees all sorts of things on her personal adventures. She started off as friends with Brennon Olvanbach, they run + play video games together, and she's now friends with Cyril Loyola.
Kieru 1 by dhmanga186 Kieru 2 by dhmanga186
Yura Reitschild:
Age: 14 (Grade 9)
Height: 162 cm, 5'3.8"
Bio: There's not much we can say from Demon Hunters canon because he got head kicked into unconsciousness before we could hear anything out of him. Unfortunately, I didn't involve him in chapter 4's dialogue yet, so you'll just have to take my word regarding his personality. What I have so far is that he just wants to find out how to fit into his new environment; his family probably moved into Valley City (where the story takes place) before entering Valley High School, so everything is sort of new.
Yura by dhmanga186
Lan Rogenfel:
Age: 16, Grade 11
Height: 171.5 cm, 5'7.5"
Bio: Lan thought he was something special, until he got struck twice... Before then, he was a wannabe gangsta who didn't do his own work, lost the work he copied, and thinks he's a charming gentleman; he wasn't. He probably gets his attitude because his parents are perform better financially than most others. Imagine Ed Wuncler III from Boondocks. At least he recognizes when he's beaten and gives credit where it's due. Currently, he's the only purple eyed character in my story.
Fighting Style: Brawling? (He's not too experienced)
 Lan 1 by dhmanga186 Lan 2 by dhmanga186
Tethys Khoeun:
Age: 16, Grade 11
Height: 170 cm, 5'7"
Bio: Tethys lost her right arm in an accident, don't know whether it happened in America or where she came from originally. She still tries to keep a cheerful and hopeful attitude, and tries not to let things bring her down. She's a big girl (by comparison to everyone else) and actually proportionally much stronger because everything that should've went to her right arm has to go to the rest of her body. Based on chapter 3, she showed willingness to cooperate when the needed arises. The cheery foreigner whose native language isn't English makes her like Starfire from Teen Titans. She's also the only dark skinned character in my story. Fun fact: Lan could've been the main character, but I didn't think I'd have enough material to write for that role.
Tethys 1 by dhmanga186 Tethys 2 by dhmanga186
Seph Ursini:
Age: 16, Grade 11
Height: 173 cm, 5'8"
Weight: 70 kg, 155 lbs (fighting weight)
Bio: Seph is the crazy person alluded to in the prior entries. He understands the world as a place primarily governed by materialism, law determined by the strongest, and acts simply because he believes he can or can get away with it. Essentially, he is one who cast away his conscience because he believes it's illogical and inconvenient (see his rant in chapter 2), so he simply pursues what he wants without regard to how it affects others. Despite all that, he's not a simple dumb brute; he actually has a 4.0 GPA, is a regional sports champion, speaks another language fluently (Italian is canon), and maybe he plays a musical instrument. Personal accomplishment is something he agrees with, but he doesn't agree with the strong protecting the weaker. The only way to stop him is to overwhelming force, or if he has a major paradigm shift. Fun fact: he could've been the main character too, but I ultimately went with Cyril because people might turn away if they see the main character supporting indiscriminate violence.
Fighting Style: American MMA (Mixed Martial Arts, unified rules)
Seph 1 by dhmanga186 Seph 2 by dhmanga186  Seph 4 by dhmanga186 Seph 5 by dhmanga186
Aseron Ren:
Age: 34, Teacher
Height: 173 cm, 5'8"
Weight: 75 kg, 165 lb
Bio: "Mr. Ren" introduced himself as the (new) teacher in Valley High School who invited some students to an orientation in the school gymnasium (probably because his new class needs some existing students), except he didn't get the information that Valley High School has 2 of them, so he met half the students while chapters 1-3 happened to the other 12 you see in the main story without adult supervision. Fortunately, he has his whole class together starting in chapter 4, no classroom mistakes there. Also, he seemed to learn from his mistakes and will "quarantine" Seph from his main class until he figures out what to do with him. No COVID 19 references intended. He wanted to try an alternative way to teach classes, hopefully to make them more interesting and less boring for the students. So far, it seems like the main 4 of them prefer his classes over their regular classes. Outside of the universe, I thought of modeling his appearance, voice, and demeanor after Donnie Yen for some reason...
Fighting Style: TBD?
Aseron Ren 1 by dhmanga186 Aseron Ren 2 by dhmanga186 Aseron Ren 3 by dhmanga186 Aseron Ren 4 by dhmanga186 Aseron Ren 5 by dhmanga186 Aseron Ren 6 by dhmanga186
 Formal Outfit Cyril Lines by dhmanga186 Jade, What're You Wearing? by dhmanga186 Jade + Jin Wushu Outfits by dhmanga186 Cyborg Tethys by dhmanga186 At Least My Pants Aren't Bloody by dhmanga186 Aseron Ren (Inadverdent Collab) by dhmanga186 Donnie Yen Donnie Yen Semi Casual Donnie Yen Leather
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